Dance Workshop

The method

The voice of the body – the body of the voice
Contemporary dance used the energy and the voice of the body based on the philosophy of butoh

At the classes and workshops, the participants get rid of the conventional aesthetics, their body will change and will be directed by the instincts, by the energy or by the voice. During the exercises the voice of the body has an important role, you will be able to observe your unhearable inner sounds. We examine the movements arised from the instincts, from the energy centers and developing them consciously in order to experience different realities.

Personal philosophy Lecture

Energy points – energy band – energy ball

 Every being is a band of energy which during its single life aspires towards the state of the energy ball.

The lecture based on Batarita’s philosophy.

Teaching Biography

Teaching in higher education

2011 Professor of Contemporary dance based on butoh, Academy of Film and Theatre, Hungary

2003-2010 Professor of Movement on Stage, Liszt Music Academy, Faculty of Opera, Hungary

2006-2007 Guest Professor of Dance Centre School of Performing Arts, Bangkok, Thailand

1999-2007 Professor of Contemporary Dance, University Pázmány Péter, Hungary

1997-1999 Teacher of Nagyigmánd Private Music School – Head of Movement Art Department

Workshops or Master class held in the following countries

2022 Hungary

2021 Hungary

2020 Hungary

2019 Belgium, Japan, Hungary

2018 Japan, Hungary

2017 Japan, Hungary

2016 Japan, Hungary

2015 Korea, Nigeria, Hungary

2014 Switzerland, Mexico, China, Thailand, Hungary

2013 Japan, Hungary

2012 Japan, Korea, Hungary

2011 Ecuador, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Germany, Hungary

2010 Korea, Austria, Serbia, Hungary

2009 Thailand, Hungary

2008 Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary

2007 Thailand, Singapore, Romania, Germany, Hungary

2006 Thailand, Hungary