Batarita’s Philosophy

At a certain level it’s just the same to be a human, a blade of grass or a hill. It depends on the energies running through our bodies and the effects generated by ourselves on what extent we are existing. Every being is a band of energy which during its single life aspires after the state of the energy ball. The energy balls evolved this way sometimes meet, sometimes touch or cross each other, or after being crept to each other they melt. The bands can create bridges and lanes, but in the impossibility of becoming a ball they can also smash the trespassers.

The body is a materia emerging from the muddy and soaking ground or from the ground dried into ashes, pulling its roots after itself. However the body is also a jar with the soul of a never switched of vacuum cleaner. The motes are other bodies emerging from the dried out or wet ground, and also jars at the same time… chained into a long endless spiral this way. Where we were coming from and where our roots go back – the wisdom of our body and our unconsciousness remembers.

It’s not only blood flowing in our veins. There can be ice cold or boiling water, lead or any other metal. But extruding all these it can be refilled with air to become light or with heavy ground from which the body had erected. It’s all ours. The Sun wakes up every day and snatches the Earth, and you are a bird who grabs this all, and in the same moment you are just nothing which is getting grabbed. Not to become nothing! But to transform into everything! Into a volcano erupting from the sea, into a spring emerging from the fire, into a meteorite falling down from the sky and into a light breeze caused by it. To know the opposite pole of everything: the hardest and the lightest, the best and the worst, the most persistent and the most prostrate… To be able to become a man and a woman in one body or an androgyny in entirety or to release the animal inner self or to simply become an animal. Just to eat, to drink, to fulfill our needs or to sink into the depth of our philosophy, to live only with our thoughts. We are capable of everything, and also the opposite of everything.

  • Across the biggest mountains there is also a way. We can get through as rivers, as wanderers, or frozen into ice and cracking the cliffs, or as fire burning… There exists an uncountable number of ways, not only one of them is good. Opposite things can also lead to the same place, opposite things can also be the same good. We can arrive somewhere from several directions – sidestepping the obstructions or with raw power.
  • Since you are everything, everything exists, nothing is impossible; you can break through even the coldest ice with fire. Though you need to stand holding yourself in both pans of the scale judging you, knowing that all feelings projected on us are coming from us ourselves, we are generating them, we contain both our past and our future, still we are nothing, impersonal, translucent, channels via which “only” the wisdom of the universe is flowing through.

/Batarita – Budapest, 2011./